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Report for laced up ankle brace
Mar 26,2021

Here is report for laced up ankle brace. Ankle injury in daily life is a common disease in orthopedics. In the past, plaster bandage or splint is often used to fix ankle ligament injury and non-serious ankle fracture. Nowadays, there is a kind of ankle fixation band with simple structure, convenient use, comfortable and reliable, which can immediately relieve pain and walk in shoes. Ankle fixation belt, including laced up ankle protection brace and speed laced ankle protection brace. Ankle joint fixation bandage mainly plays the role of external ankle fixation to stabilize the joint and relieve pain. You can choose ankle brace with plastic /aluminum stays or not .Ankle joint and tarsal joint are fixed to stabilize the function of the joint, the patient will have a relaxed and comfortable feeling.

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